Friday, September 19, 2014

BIG & small

Putting up a few photos of various drums. Here's two. O Daiko & Shime Daiko.

("Big, fat drum") Long bodied style (nagado) drum, but it can also refer any large drum, is made from a single tree trunk. The trees that they come from can be hundreds to thousands of years old. Some o daiko are so large, that they have a set place in in a temple or shrine, rarely being moved (There's one Nagado O daiko weighing four tons in Takayama City).

("Tensioned drum") long version: tsukeshime (tsukeru: to fasten, attach/ shimeru:to fasten, tie/ compounded: tight secure drum). Shime are normally used to keep rhythm. In Noh and Kabuki-Nagauta the shime is placed slightly tilted on its stand.

More on O daiko & Shime daiko soon!
photos taken at Brooklyn DOJO.

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