Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/02/14: American Indian Community House's Cheer Section at NYC Marathon

At Sunday's marathon, American Indian Community House, along with the Silver Cloud Singers, had a cheer section at the corner of Manhattan Ave & Greenpoint Ave. Cheering on Team One Spirit (Lakota/ Pine Ridge Reservation), and all of the marathon runners. Team One Spirit runs to raise funds to build youth centers and inspire native youth. They might have the chance next year to run a marathon in Germany. (Here are a few photos of Team One Spirit, also known as The Lakota 5, passing by the cheer section. Along with photos of the Silver Cloud Singers, as they drum, and members also handing out water to the marathon runners as they pass by. Also a clip of the Silver Cloud Singers, and the roaring cheers as the runners run by.


The unofficial times were:
Alex Wilson: finished in 03:43:27
Nupa White Plume: 03:44:38
James Pine: 03:52:31
Zuya White Plume: 03:52:44
Kelsey Good Lance: 4:04:31


 Check out for more information on Team One Spirit, and support

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